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Lens Guide

Types of Lenses

raybansoutlet.co.uk provides three types of lenses: Single Vision Lenses, Bifocals and Varifocals.

1. Single Vision Lenses Single vision lenses, which have the same focal power throughout the lens surface, can be further divided into distance use, computer use and reading lenses. You should choose the right lenses according to your actual vision problems.

  • Distance Use: you can choose single vision lenses for distance use if you have problems with seeing clearly from a distance, like watching movies, reading airport boards, etc.
  • Computer Use: You can choose single vision lenses for computer use if you have symptoms like headaches and double or blurred vision while working at computers (INT ADD is required on your prescription).
  • Reading: You can choose single vision lenses for reading if you have problems with seeing clearly at close-up objects, such as reading books, reports, documents, etc. (It more likely happens to people aged 40 and over)

2. Bifocals Bifocals are designed for people who have problems with seeing clearly from both close-up and distance. Suppose you are a teacher; you cannot see clearly your lecture notes and the faces of your students sitting in the back rows, in this case, you may need to think about buying yourself a pair of bifocal glasses.However you had better inquire your optician about whether you need bifocals and if you do need them, remember to provide us with NEAR ADD or INT ADD other than numbers indicating the power of lenses you need.

3. Freeform Progressives People only need progressive lenses when they need to correct visions at distance, arm-length and also close-up. However, they may cause size change of objects and even dizziness after long time of wearing. But freeform progressives with no visible lines on the surface can provide a wider vision field at all distance, avoid image jump, guarantee smooth transition. In turn, you can easily adapt to them.

Lens Thickness

raybansoutlet.co.uk provides high index lenses made into four levels of thickness: Mid-High Index 1.56, High Index 1.60, Super High Index 1.67 and Ultra High Index 1.74. The larger the number is, the thinner the lens will be.

Mid-High Index 1.56 22% thinner
Inherent UV protection function
Good for those with a SPH up to +/- 2.00

High Index 1.60 30% thinner
Inherent UV protection function
Inherent hard anti-scratch coat
Recommended for those with a SPH up to +/- 3.00

Super High Index 1.67 40% thinner
100% UV protection
Lighter, flatter, go perfect with a variety of frames
Recommended for those with a SPH up to +/- 4.00

Ultra High Index 1.74 50% thinner
Lightest lenses available on the market
Recommended for those with a SPH of +/- 4.00 or above

Lens Coatings

In order to enhance the durability of your lenses, get more protection to your eyes and improve your cosmetic attractiveness, lens coatings are a very crucial step that you can't skip. There are four types of coatings available at raybansoutlet.co.uk

  • Anti Scratch: Help to avoid scratches caused by daily use, such as accidental dropping, placing your glasses face-down, etc.
  • Anti Scratch / Anti Glare: Enhanced scratch resistance and glare reduction performance. Recommend for those who love outdoor activities, like riding, jogging, etc.
  • Premium Coatings: Overall enhancement, especially in smudge, dust & water repellence performance. Recommend if you travel a lot, drive to work, love to fish or you have to work at computer all day long.
  • Premium Plus Coatings: This coating pack is designed to be against extreme situations. Recommend if you are an architect, chief, have to drive at night or you love to ski.

Sunglasses Lens Tint

Prescription glasses can also be tinted, for a stylish looking and most importantly, for the better performance of your glasses.raybansoutlet.co.uk EYEWEAR provides three types of lens tints, Transitions, Dark Sunglasses tint and Light Sunglasses tint, and you can choose any one of them based on your actual needs and personal likes.

1. TransitionsAvailable in gray and brown, Transitions enjoys a high popularity among eyeglasses wearers when it comes to tint. Recommend if you drive a lot, or have to switch between indoor and outdoor activities frequently because it can:

  • Automatically change from clear to dark outdoors
  • Stay clear while indoors or at night
  • Fully block UV rays from the sun
  • Make it much safer while you are driving
  • Add to cosmetic attractiveness

2. Dark Sunglasses Tint If you seek both style and performance from tint, choose our Dark Sunglasses tint (UV400 included). With the 100% protection from Sun's UV rays, you have nothing to worry about when you are hanging out, such as taking a sun bath on the beach. Six color options are available.

3. Light Sunglasses Tint If you just want your glasses lenses look eye-catching and add a stylish looking to your face, you can choose our Light Sunglasses tint. raybansoutlet.co.uk EYEWEAR Glasses provides six color options; just free your imagination and choose the color that will flatter you. Highly recommend if you are a fashionista.